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MaIson 9

villa de luxo

Sea Breeze

3 minutes

from the


Sunset view




Serene & Secluded

Mesmersing Paddy fields

Antique Artifacts & Furniture

Private Pool

4  Bedrooms

(8+2 people)

Home-Style Dining

Embark Your Getaway in Style  

As you grow older, you learn a few things, and one of them is to actually take time to relax and reboot. Maison 9, a rustic, independent, and towering paddy-facing villa offers you an ideal vacation environment to calm your senses. Created with a blend of Portuguese architecture and local culture and art, Maison 9 offers a luxurious escape for occasions such as weddings, group gatherings, pool parties, honeymoons, remote work, etc.


Every nook and corner of our villa: be it the bedrooms, dining room, swimming pool, or patio, everything is aesthetically pleasing and equipped with all the luxurious amenities providing a blend of relaxation and pleasure. During your stay, all your necessities will be taken care of by an experienced and friendly staff, ensuring your luxury escape is both enjoyable and rejuvenating.

Lavish Bedrooms

Immerse yourself in our luxury villa in Goa that has 4 beautiful fully furnished bedrooms designed to easily host up to 10 guests at once. Surrounded by the lush green paddy field and soothing breeze from the ocean, our lavish bedrooms offer a warm and homely experience. Each one of our bedroom décors is well thought and curated with love and passion to provide an ideal environment to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty in the presence of art.