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5 Amazing Tips for Picking the Best Villa in Goa

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Private Pool of Maison 9 Villa

Every time we think about Goa that very first image that appears in our mind is “sunny beaches with soothing breezes” calm enough to make your heart flutter. After two years of long and difficult pandemic time, there is a lot to look forward to in Goa, evening walks at beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, alluring churches, unique culture, and delicious seafood to relax, recharge and enjoy.

Sure, there are hundreds of accommodations right from hotels, budget homes, resorts, and hostels but if you are really wanting to take a break from all the hassle and enjoy the vacation with luxury then, look no further than the private pool villa in north Goa that offers to eat, drinking and partying like royalty in a budget-friendly price. If you are looking forward to renting one of the best 5-star Goa villas then, here are some amazing tips to land at the best option possible:

What is an ideal luxury villa in Goa?

Every person has a different perception when it comes to choosing an ideal villa in a holiday destination like Goa. While some seek some peace and want to spend some me-time surrounded by natural sceneries, others just want to enjoy themselves with parties and exploration. No matter what you are searching for, the following tips can help you choose from the range of the best Goa villas:

Bedroom Villa of Maison 9

Ideal location

First and foremost, the thing you need to do while selecting a Villa in Goa has decided the location you want to stay in. Now as this choice can affect your upcoming activities, carefully consider all the factors.

You can either choose to stay near the major tourist attractions, but there will be a lot of people around the properties, or you can stay away from all of it, near a serene where everything will be quiet and peaceful. However, if you decide to go with the second option, then travelling time will be longer than usual but the best part is you will be able to enjoy nature at its best without any disturbance.

Number of people you are travelling with

The Goa villa that you will choose should depend upon the size of the group you are travelling with. While Villas like Maison 9 can easily fit up to 10 people in its large 4 bedrooms that come with a private pool and in house dining, other villas have small rooms with limited facilities. Also, if you are travelling with your little one, then you may require some extra beds to make everyone feel comfortable during the stay.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is list down the name of villas that offers a comfortable stay with enough beds. Check for sleeping arrangements and only book once you are satisfied with what they are offering.

Duration of the stay

Depending on the activities and places you want to conduct and explore, you can stay in the Goa; you can plan your trip for one to two weeks. Moreover, before you make the booking, remember most of the luxury villas in Goa come with a minimum duration of stay ranging from 5 days to one week. So, check all the policies to stay, payment, and discount, especially during the off season.

Facilities and Amenities

Enjoy the serene as you take a swim in the lavish see facing the private pool. The majority of 5-star Goa villas contain an ideal blend of culture with arts and are usually surrounded by beautiful gardens and lush greeneries. Within these unique villas, you will enjoy all the modern facilities, including an air conditioner, a private pool, home-style dining, a gaming area for kids, and an open barbeque with a personal chef. And if you haven’t had enough peace, then just lounge outside and enjoy the panoramic view.

Whether you came as a couple for a honeymoon or just a bunch of friends looking for some fun, you have the advantage of all amenities and facilities to house everything in a private pool villa in north Goa. Aside from these stunning facilities, Maison 9 offers a certified chef to prepare all the local cuisine to fill your tummy and heart with goodness.

Check customer reviews

Almost all the villas in Goas are known for their terrific marketing tactics. They know what sort of luxury hotel room pictures, outdoor dining, and long paragraphs of cosy stay that come with a long list of additional facilities they offer can allure you into booking their space. But if you really want to tell the true luxury experience, and then look a look at the customer reviews to learn if they really offer the luxury stay, they promised on their page?

As you are looking for realistic reviews, don’t visit their personal website as it is already filtered with favourable reviews. Instead, visit third-party sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp for authentic reviews.

Book early to avoid the hassle

Last but not least book your private pool villa in north Goa as early as possible to avoid hassle at the last moment. Pick your gateway at least two months in advance and closely plan all the activities you want to conduct, destinations you want to cover and Goa villas that you want to stay in. This way you can make the best out of your vacation.

Moreover, if you wish to cut the chase and land at the best luxury villa in Goa for rent, then consider visiting Maison 9 Villa. Situated at the heart of North Goa- surrounded by lush greeneries, Maison 9 offers the best luxurious escape where you can experience the blend of relaxation with pleasure at an affordable cost. For more information visit the website today!

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